Manual Configurations/Settings for Aircel 3G

I have a super-cool android phone Spice MI-300, one main motivating factor for buying it a six months ago was because I wanted to make best use of 3G which was soon to be unveiled at that time, but unfortunately took till Feb 2011 to have in Aircel. That doesn’t stop there, I have been trying to activate 3G on my phone for the last 3 weeks — all in vain. Reason being, since I am using a Spice phone, Aircel doesn’t support activation of 3G, the customer support guys are saying the phone is not listed, so they cannot activate 3G. I am 100% sure that my phone supports 3G and it has WCDMA and it is 3.5G , but tough luck with the Customer support guys, they just don’t agree.

After 10-15 calls, I realized that there are no setting/ configurations for 3G, its just that the service provider has to activate 3G for your SIM. So I took my brother’s 3G Phone which is Nokia N81 – well supported by Aircel, sent “START 3G” to 121. The service got activated within minutes, switched the SIM back to my phone, Switched to WCDMA mode — There you go .. 3G on spice. :-)

So If you have a 3G phone which is not supported by Aircel. Here is what you need to do

  • Grab a phone which is supported by Aircel 3G
  • Put your SIM , Send START 3G to 121. Wait till you get the service activated.
  • Replace the SIM back and go 3G

We will have to face these issues as long as Aircel continues to have these kinds of annoying “Supported Mobiles” lists. This is the height of stupidity by Aircel, how do they think they can maintain a list of all 3G phone models in the world?

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